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Our Butterfly Garden Chair is sure to be a conversation starter and point of interest in any garden  or anywhere a large tasteful landscape ornament is desired. Made entirely of almost a quarter inch thick American steel and manufactured near Woodstock, NY in the Catskill mountains, this beautiful Butterfly Garden Chair is just amazing to look at let alone sit on and enjoy. Whether to sit and have tea or catch up on some good reading, or just enjoy your garden or yard, the chair is quite comfortable and can actually be used as a chair. There are others on the market that are not really for sitting on at all, just for decoration, but ours was designed with function in mind as well as aesthetically pleasing lines throughout. The seat is very strong and does not bow or bend and the large hand welded feet in the front add to the overall stability of the Butterfly.

Available for pre-order only as these are custom made and painted to order, please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. If expedited delivery is required please contact us immediately so we can get started right away on your custom Butterfly Garden Chair! Chair can also be scaled up or down, please contact us for details if you need a specific size, please have length, height, and depth dimensions ready when you contact us, email is preferred.

Chair is rated to support on the seat threshold for 300lbs maximum total weight and measures about four feet wide and over four feet tall. Please click on the home button at the top to return to the home page, this is where you can add this item to you cart and make your purchase using most major credit cards.


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